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The Online Classroom

How To particpate

  • – Click the Play button to join the class.
  • – Remove all distractions.
  • – Get your writing materials and take notes.
  • – Ask questions, through the comments section of our youtube page.
  • – Tell a friend to connect.


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    Adeola Adegoke says

    I am ready to learn

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    Inung Joseph says


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    Etim Effiong David says

    I am ready to Spark,

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    Bolarinwa Esther Bolaji says

    I’m ready to learn

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    Josiah Frederick says

    Am ready

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    Fred Fredrick says

    I’m ready to learn.

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      Juliet Gideon says

      I’m ready too

    • Reply
      Patrick says

      It’s a pleasure being here

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    Joy Bakinde says

    I’m ready to learn

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    Fred Fredrick says

    Good evening sir. You are too fast o! thank you.

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      Anonymous says

      Please kindly drop your specific questions here.

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    👍 says

    👍. Enjoying the class.

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