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Thank you all for attending the AR2 Connect Community’s Inaugural Seminar themed “Divinely Connected”!!!

It was a successful event and the Lord moved mightily on our behalf. Many of our members gave feedback of being greatly touched by the event! Our prayer is that the Lord will complete the good works HE had started in our lives, Amen!

As was mentioned during the Welcome Speech, our AR2Connect Community has been birthed out of the need to provide an Inter-Denominational platform for our available-and-ready-to-connect Christian men and women to meet and be able to grow spiritually, emotionally and socially, as they wait on the LORD for life partners.



As we embark on this, we recognize our very important task must be done in a manner that emphasizes our faith as Believers and the principles that our faith as Believers requires us to abide with, while creating a networking platform.

We also recognize that the networking platform must transcend the breadth of any one Christian Ministry to provide the pool of available-and-ready-to-connect Christian men and women, from across various bible believing churches, with broad access to connect with each other in a safe place with the aim to be equally yoked to like-minded Christians.

With this knowledge and the fact that our AR2Connect members cut across a wide array of age groups, we have bifurcated our AR2 Connect Community into 2 sub-groups:

a) The Young Brethren (below 35years)

b) The Mature Brethren (over 35 years)

We will take-off with each sub-group organizing its own activities and functions separately. Once in a while, we will come together, like on the occasion of celebrating the inauguration of the community and fellowship.

Therefore, we will like everyone to take note of the sub-group they belong to and register for membership on our website (if you have not done so already): or contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to sharing more details with you as we go along, through our website, social media pages and via the email addresses you have provided.

Once again, we thank you for attending the Celebration Seminar of the Inauguration of the AR2 Connect Community!

Thank you and God bless you!


AR2Connect Planning Committee

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