Topic : You will sing a New Song
Text : Ex 15 : 1- 21

(Excerpts of the message on Sunday)

When a mountain becomes plain, the individual will sing a new song afterwards.

A New song is

1. A song of overcomer
2. A song that speaks of the greatness of our God

If you have a new song, then you must have had an old song. An old song do not glorify God or edify His body

An old song is a song of:

i. Complain
ii Expression of sorrow
iii. Frustration
iv. That expresses difficulties. Ex 15 :23 – 25

Why do we need to sing new song?

1. We are the children of God. Gal 3: 13, 14

2 God has a great plan for our life. Jer 29:11

3. We are created to proclaim is presence. 1 Pet 2 : 9

What is the effect of the new song in our life?

Prov. 15 : 13, Prov. 17 : 22

What must we do to sing a new song?

1. Be obedient to God’s instruction. Ex 15 : 26

2 Have absolute trust in HIM. Mat 11 : 28 – 30

3. Have faith in the Lord who has chosen you. Whatever He say He will do, He will surely do it. Num 23 : 19, Lev 26 : 12 – 13.

4. Thank Him in and out of season.

Hab 3 : 17 – 19


1. Father, I command my ground begin to yield her increase and heaven to open for me. 1 Sam 2 : 5

2. Father as you did for Anna please change my time and season. Please make me fruitful in all areas of my life.

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