Minister : Pastor Ben Akabueze

What is a project? A project is a scheme. It is one thing to start something and another thing to complete it

Five reasons for abandoned project or why people have un-completed project

1. When you embark on a project not commissioned by God. Note: Some have embarked on project motivated by pride or self-glory. James 4 : 6, Gen 11 : 4 – 8. Never embark on any project out of covetousness

2. Some do not count the cost of the project before embarking on it .Luke 14 : 28 – 30. Careful planning is not indicating the lack of faith. Proper planning is very important and you must involve God in your planning.

3. Laziness and slothfulness can also lead to non-completion of a project.
Prov 13 : 4, Prov 18 : 9

4. Sin. It gives the devil legal right to interfere in your affairs
Zech 3 : 1- 4

5. Opposition. The more God will be glorified by the project, the more the opposition of the enemy.
Neh 2 : 17 – 19 , Ezra 4: 22- 27, Ezra 4 : 1- 3, Zach 4 : 7

1. Zach 1 : 12- 13.
Father in whatever way I have offended you and opened the door to the enemy in my life, please have mercy on me.

2. Hag. 2 : 1- 5.
Father, thank you for your covenant of grace toward me. Cause that grace to abound to me and enable me to see the completion of ………
You can add your project to the dotted line or gap.

3. I reject fear of any man or situation because your presence is with me, therefore I will not fear anything or anyone.

4. Father, I acknowledge that by my own power or might I cannot finish this project, so please send me help by your spirit.

Ezra 3 : 8, 10 – 11

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