Power in the Word By Pastor Taiwo Oshinusi

Pastor Taiwo Oshinusi
Topic : Power in the Word
(Highlighs of the message by Pastor Taiwo Oshinusi)

Text : John 1 : 1, 14.

We should be careful of what we say, because our Word is what shapes our life. If you do not have the right Word inside you then nobody will hear you. We are who we are today by the Word that is in us. You need to shut out the noise around you to connect to the Word to hear better. When God gives you your Word, the enemy will validate the Word.

When you hear your Word, then the challenges of life should motivate you. If you go ahead of your Word, you may miss your season. Also, if you allow covetousness to take over the Word, you may miss your season.

Characteristics of the Word

In Gen 1: 1-3 – The entire creation came to existence by the Word.

1. The Word can elevate. Heb 4 : 11 – 12

2. The Word can restore.

3. The Word can deliver.

4. The Word gives life

5. The Word bears fruit

6. The Word opens door

What do you need for the word?

1: Faith

2: Obedience


1. Don’t give me what I want, please give me what I need

2. Dan 11: 3 – Father, as I increase in my faith and knowledge of you, strengthen me and empower me to do exploits

3. My head, you are destined to be the head and not the tail, begin to take your headship position in Jesus name

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